Let’s play
“What’s in the Box?”

Announcing a 2012 Halloween contest

You can win a soft cover copy of any novel written by Etienne – your choice








In the second paragraph - Chapter 22 of The Disciples of the Night, a wooden crate is placed in the hallway outside the cell confining Nyah, Christine, and Isidore in the basement of Massimo’s recycling plant.





These were the rules:

In fifty words or less, tell us what’s inside that crate. Sending a picture of the contents is also acceptable. Enter as many times as you like and use as many different names as you like. During the contest, we won’t post the entries just the names of the entrants. Doing so will allow for similar responses.

Feel free to be serious, humorous, ghoulish, just please no foul language.

We’ll announce the winner and post all of the entries this Halloween 2012, sometime before midnight…m’wahaha. Thanks for playing.

These were the entries:

# 1 - Joel in San Francisco (serious)
There’s nothing in the box just air. Thayer is a neuropsychiatrist, an expert, and knows the power of a perceived threat.

# 2 - Alice in Connecticut (humorous)
My ex-boyfriend is in the crate. He’s dumb as a lump on a log and just stupid enough to volunteer to sit in the box night after night to watch for anyone trying to escape the cell. Of course he’d fall asleep and not see Christine leaving with Lucien!

# 3 - Steven in Maryland (technological)
A special pheromone sensor sits in the base of the box. It’s calibrated and programmed to pick up on only Isidore de Chagny entering the hallway. Isidore is the prize and Thayer doesn’t want to chance loosing him.

#4 - Baseball Enthusiast in Los Angeles (ghoulish)
A zombie is resting in the box. They quietly feed him during the day and he waits at night for an opportunity to grab an extra snack.

#5 - Saul in Israel (reasonable)
A sound detector that would alert Thayer or the guards to the rhythmic sounds of a wheelchair leaving the cell.

#6 - Jack in Pennsyvania (comical)
A jack in the box! If one of the prisoners leaves after hours, it plays organ music and up pops Jack to startle them into going back. Of course, it was never tested and the night Christine and Lucien left it wasn’t working.

#7 - Ellie Gant in Lisbon (deadly)
Billy the Exterminator

#8 - Billy in New York City (inventive)
Little monster with a motion sensor

#9 - Kimiko in Tokyo (reads Etienne's Cavern)
The headless horseman works week nights, Pumpkinhead on the weekends (he wanted fewer hours and to come only when summoned)

#10 – Big Fan in Tennessee
A monster with a sensor and big lips to scream “Jail break! Jail break!” to the guard on duty.











And the Winner is Joel in San Francisco

Congratulations Joel, you sly dog. I am so with you on this one. Thayer is a piece of work!

Which book would you like and where should I send it?

Etienne de Mendes